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We offer full property management services. From screening all of the tenants; maintaining the dwelling as well as all of the accounting needs.

Receipt Owner’s payment on behalf of the association.
Processing owner’s payments and depositing monies in the association's bank account.
Keeping records of each individual owner’s accounts and up to date receivables ledgers.
Collection of Past Due Accounts: At the association's option, collection efforts on past due accounts are initiated on behalf of the Association's. These efforts include notifying the owner in writing of past due balances and referral to the Association's attorneys upon board of directors request.
Preparation of Association's checks for Board's signatures.
Record-keeping of vendors files
Assistance with tax forms to vendors and also in tax preparation for the associations.

We will prepare your Association’s financial statements on a monthly basis.
We will customize your financial statement formats in a simplified manner so that they are easily understood with detailed information including the following:

Bank Statement Photocopies
Financial Statements and Indicators.
Bank and Reconciliation Statement
Budget Reports Cash Receipts
Cash Disbursements providing detailed information per each check by the Association
Delinquency and Prepaid Reports

Any Question or concern may be promptly addressed by our experienced state licensed Association Managers that are available to service your needs.

Monitoring services of employees and contractors
Solicitation, analysis and bid comparisons of contractors needed to properly maintain and operate the property, as well as, negotiation of contracts of the same for executions by the Board of Directors.
Update owner's rosters
Assistance in preparing minutes of meetings
Executions of violation letters in behalf of board of directors.
Preparing and mailing cancellations letters to vendors.
Screening of new tenants and buyers.
Prepare agendas for meetings as needed.
A customize Website* for your Property will be available to the associations upon board of directors request where the residents can access your property information and services.

Throughout the year, budget workshops will be held to provide the Board Members and owner’s a better understand how to prepare and understand the Association’s budget.
Additional fees to the above items will apply
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